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Mosque at 29 Wolverine Road, box 2171 Inuvik, NT, Canada, Inuvik, NT X0E 0T0

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  • May Allah Subhana Wa Ta'allah bless all the people / followers alike for establishing a true religion of true guidance from the Creator of the Universe that we know and call "Allah" or in other language of English as "God", in Spanish as "Deo"..but for anyone who is a follower of Islam (Submiting to "Allah") should NOT call His name in any other language, but as "Allah" in Arabic. The book of Qur'an came in Arabic language...the words conveyed by "Jibrael Alaihis Salaam" were / are "Allah's word conveyed in Arabic.

    Added June 03, 2019 by Sagheer (Khurram) Jan
How would you rate Midnight Sun Mosque?